2016 CMOM's Convention

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March 5, 2016 OMNI HOTEL - CHARLOTTE,NC 9:00am-2:30pm
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Melinda has a BA in Business Education and taught in the public school system for years before transforming Balance & Harmony 360² from dream to reality. Melinda was one of the first two-hundred in the nation to be a Certified Professional Organizer and is a graduate of the Western School of Feng Shui (pronounced fung shway). Born and raised in the Midwest, Melinda’s home since 2006 has been in North Carolina.  She has conducted workshops across the East Coast that included over 60 cities in 19 states over the last few years. Her training and personal background prepared her well to look at life from all angles.


9:00 a.m.      Registration
9:30 a.m.      Key Note Speaker
10:40 a.m.     Breakout Session 1
11:40 a.m.     Breakout Session 2
12:30 p.m.     Lunch Served
1:30 p.m.      CPR Refresher course

Keynote Speaker
- The Complete Guide for Balance & Harmony –

Life is out of control. The world goes more places, spends more money, and works more hours. If you find yourself running in circles without accomplishing goals, frustrated with the level of balance and harmony in your life, and need focus that leads to results, this keynote offers a choice for something different.

Session 1

1) Capturing Your Every Day - Jennifer Parker | www.firewifephotography.com

Join Jennifer for a crash course introduction to the basics of the all-important exposure triangle (ISO, Shutter Speed & Aperture) - in other words, the basics of photography technique and composition - so that you can capture these fleeting moments in your family’s life. For the second portion of this class we will explore some of my tried and true tips and tricks of the trade for capturing the sweet innocence of childhood and documenting who they are, not just what they are doing.

2) Money for Mothers of Multiples  - Kevin Phinney | Foresters Financial Services, Inc

Financial strategies to reach your family goals. We'll be educating you on how to get a tight grip on your monthly budget, and teaching you how to spend wisely and save wisely along the way. You'll learn how having definite goals can help you make a plan of action to achieve them, and how money can help you get there. We'll also teach about various tools we use to plan for those goals, such as 529 plans, IRAs, as well as Life Insurance. Finally, you'll learn about Foresters and how we give back to families just like you every year.

Session 2

1) The Perfect Bedroom  - Melinda Smith | Balance & Harmony 360², Inc.

The master bedroom and closet are often the most overlooked rooms in the house, yet it often has the greatest impact on the emotional state of each individual who sleeps and gets ready there. This breakout session utilizes Essential Feng ShuiTM (pronounced fung shway), the study of how to arrange your environment to enhance the quality of your life, to help participants design and organize a master suite oasis. If you have walked into a cluttered and stale room with poor lighting and noticed how it made you feel, then you understand that all rooms have energy.

2) How to Eat and Be Healthy on a Budget - Kimberlie Richardson | Organic Kids Qty:3 Food & Fitness

Kimberlie started her family’s  organic healthy journey 7 years ago, the ups and downs of how to do that on a budget, trials and tribulations. She started a blog then it transitioned into her opening an organic food website www.organickidsqty3.com , and now she is also a  beach body fitness coach. Sometimes we moms forget to take care of ourselves! I am now totally committed to clean eating and knowing that health is a journey not just a diet! I hope to provide support, motivation, inspiration, and real life along the way! I look forward to working together to achieve our goals!

3 course Lunch served at 12:30PM:

1st course:  Local Field greens, Dried Bing Cherries, Roasted Pecans, Blue Cheese, Balsamic Vinaigrette

2nd Course:  Grilled Chicken Breast, Sour Cream Mashed potatoes, wilted greens, Tomato Jus, Freshly baked artisan rolls

3rd Course:  New York Style Cheesecake with Fresh Strawberries

Session 3

CPR Refresher Course  - Stacia Alexander | CPR works of Greensboro

Come to this class and learn basic adult, child and infant CPR techniques and practice what you learn on mannequins. Whether you are already certified or would like to learn the basics this class is for you. Without constant practice CPR skill retention begins to decline within a few months after a participant is trained and progressively decreases for about a year. www.cprworksofgreensboro.com