Why Join Us?

The Charlotte Mothers of Multiples organization is the leading support group for families of multiple-birth children in the Greater Charlotte area – our guiding mission is to support all parents of multiples - twins, triplets, quadruplets or more!

Our many programs include New MOM Support, Nursing Support, Scholarships, Fundraisers, Social Events, Community Involvement and much more!

We also have support groups for Higher Order Multiples (for those with triplets or more), Veteran MOMs (for mothers with multiples over 3 years old), and MOMs suffering from Postpartum Depression. We organize Working MOM lunches for those who like to meet during their work day, and for the stay-at-home MOMs, some Districts organize playgroups.

Club communications and the membership process are conducted through our members-only online community on BigTent.com. There you will find our fantastic social network – including postings of all CMOMs events and announcements, discussion forums, photos, journals, friends, virtual “gifts” and more!

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Charlotte Mothers of Multiples aims:

*To support women who are pregnant with multiples by providing friendship, encouragement and open dialogue through one-on-one support, "expectant mothers" group sessions and postpartum follow-up
*To assist families raising multiples by providing educational opportunities, information and equipment exchanges, social support networks, and scholarships
*To raise awareness in our community about the challenges of multiple births by partnering with community organizations to deliver educational and financial programs and services.

Some of the ways CMOMs has been involved in the greater Charlotte area include:

* Assisting families of multiples during the year
* Awarding scholarships to members
* Sponsoring various community events relevant to multiple births
* Facilitating NICU support groups
* Participating at annual NICU picnics/reunions
* Donating time, goods and services to associated charities
* Educating expectant parents on raising multiples via hospital maternity education programs

What Our Members Say

"I have really benefited from the support of all of my new friends in the club. I couldn't have made it through that first year without being able to talk to other CMOMs about 'twin' issues."

Stephanie B.

"CMOMs is great for any mother of multiples. It's the one group where you are truly able to make new friends, give back to your community, and learn more about the health and wellness of your multiples --- all from moms who have been there and done that".

Talitha M.

"We were from out of town, recently married, and scared to death when we found out we were blessed with twins. The girls at CMOMs showed us the joy of parenting multiples and had so much practical advice. I don't know what we would have done without their genuine and loving support."

Alison S.

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